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Hello again friends. Game on da weigh

2013-07-14 22:53:54 by Elephly

So I haven't been around for a while and I can say that I still won't be around here actively for another while, but I'm working on a project right now. Now hopefully around the end of the summer I'll have a skeleton of a game finished and at that time I'll actively start searching for some more recruits. You see I'm no artist, but I'd rather not recruit someone until I finish my part (I know, selfish right?). So you can bet I'll be back here on newgrounds for the Collabinate system in the future, but for now, for anyone who reads this news post, let's chat. If you're confident in your art and animation skills let me know in the comments and you'll have an advanced shot at being a part of this completely mediocre project of mine (hopefully it will be the bomb).

Also, I'd like some input and ideas from whoever feels like giving them. As it stands, our game is decently story driven and the gameplay genre would fall under that of a brawler, similar to Super Smash Bros. We've already got some ideas of our own, but given this vague outline, please tell me how we should go about adding mechanics for originality. Any feedback is well received and if you happen to give me an idea that seriously affects the game, I'll literally put you in the credits as a Game Designer and give you a cut of revenue equal to mine. That's right, this shit is fuckin serious. :D

Lastly, shoutouts to @Nor , @Amaranthus , and @Bumfodder what's up guys it's been a while :D


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2013-07-15 02:38:22

fighting games usually have moves inspired by other fighters. there really is no original way of fighting unless you make characters do crazy stupid shit.oh, and fighting games are all about spacing brah.


2013-07-15 02:51:57

Oh, and Good Luck! it's nice to see another NG user make a fighting game!
Now I really don't feel so alone hehe

Elephly responds:

Thanks man :D It's like one of my favourite genres so I just had to at some point and I probably will again in the future


2013-07-15 04:42:06

Sounds good, if you need help with something, lemme know, and I'll see what I can do.

Elephly responds:

Alright cool! thanks


2013-07-15 14:15:01

been pretty meh

Elephly responds:

i know that feel


2013-07-17 12:32:29

we should make music together sometime
I write lyrics
I also make up rhythm's with my voice but i cant access mic for a while

Elephly responds:

ya sounds great. all of the music i've composed doesn't include lyrics so if i did something like that, it would be a good experience


2013-07-17 15:07:25

pm me a theme
like tomorrow
will you sing them or what?

Elephly responds:

nah i dont sing lol, i can start workin on something new though


2013-07-17 16:04:59

you can ask a voice actor to sing

Elephly responds:

ya for sure