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Bad luck or something...

2013-02-28 18:58:50 by Elephly

I just seem to have been having the worst of it this past week.

Three most notable events:
- My dad's job randomly requires him to work until 6 every day, which means I don't get picked up from school until 6:30 at the earliest.
- Yesterday, when my dad comes to pick me up, there is a huge snowstorm and he gets into a minor accident, so I don't get picked up until, 7 and we don't get home until 8:15.
- As a result of this snow storm, our driveway is completely covered up to just under my knees. My dad gets stuck, tells me to rock the car out back into the road, then him and I have to shovel a small path for the car to get into the garage. It's kind of a long driveway. After, I don't know if he just felt like being a dick, but he tells me to shovel out lanes for my mom and sister's cars. I pretty much end up shovelling three quarters of the driveway... It's kind of a long driveway.
- Today my dad comes to pick me up and apparently hits a pothole. His tire is completely blown out and as I am typing this he tells me that CAA will arrive in at most 90 minutes.

So ya, this is a little unlucky. I didn't even mention that I don't eat all day. I eat in the morning at about 7am and then I eat when I get home. So these unfortunate events are quite unfortunate indeed... I had to shovel my driveway on a completely empty stomach.

It was already like living Ramadan every day of my life, but now it's becoming just painful. I have no idea when I'll get home tonight and I have a midterm tomorrow.

Cheers! ^_^

Bad luck or something...


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2013-03-01 19:21:30

Seems most of it is centered around ur dad :P

Elephly responds:

Nah he told me himself he was out to get me


2013-03-03 15:34:09

I had such tiring days too...... You are so tired after 1 thing and you have more to get on that day!!!!

Elephly responds:

Yea it's the worst... ah well, things are lookin up