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Holy Whistle Fuckers, AGAIN!

2013-01-15 23:50:13 by Elephly

God dammit newgrounds! My whistle is garbage again! I swear I'm doing my best, but come on! Ah well, I wasn't expecting to be able to recover it in the first place so really no big deal right?

In other news, I have discovered a dangerous addiction/passion for this guy's games. Kinda old news, but fuck man, it's like I HAVE to get everything unlocked in his games. Fuckin, Knightmare Tower, still workin on that shit. And Burrito Bison, classic. Top shit. It's not everyone's style though so I can understand if you're like, "fuck you that game sucks" and whatever, but really, fuck you I love those games.

In other other news, my GPA is 10.6. Which is either an A- or A. That is correct, I am bragging on Newgrounds right now about my grades.



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2013-01-17 11:18:26

My whistle never rises to even bronze :( , or decreases to garbage ^_^.

Elephly responds:

dam you and your invulnerable whistle!