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Back to school...

2013-01-07 10:18:54 by Elephly

In a way this is great and I'm really excited to go back to university. You know, lots to learn, gets me out of the house, and theres lots of gorgeous girls for me to feel too shy to talk to, but even so, just like any immature boy, I say fuck school I dont wanna go! I'd rather stay at home and go where I want, when I want. Besides theres still that unemployment problem I gotta fix... Oh well, at least I can work on my social skills, because it's a well known fact that all newgrounders are antisocial slobs, right?


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2013-01-07 11:10:32

I know how you feel, except I'm in a British Secondary School, and the stuff that goes on there is unbearable, but I want to keep learning so I can get a decent job...still....shit happens.

Elephly responds:

toughin it out


2013-01-07 11:50:42

You can do it! Talk to those ladies!

(Updated ) Elephly responds:

oh why hello there! ^_^ ahh just kidding i still don't have confidence...